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What Exactly is Hidden TimeFrames?

Hidden TimeFrames is a site dedicated to helping you, the day trader, improve the odds of entries and exits as well as the management of trades in futures trading.  Hidden TimeFrames’s ultimate goal is to transition traders from an uninformed approach to execution, to a methodical, patient, natural and intuitive way to see, understand and trade the markets

The odds are that most traders will struggle. They struggle because they lack methodology, knowledge, and restraint. What’s more, they’re up against some formidable opponents: quantitative traders, hedge funds, algorithmic traders, and super-fast technology for execution, such as High-Frequency Trading.

While they may look good on paper, many methods taught by mentors, gurus, etc. (which prey on new and struggling traders) are useless and have no application in real-time trading analysis.

And the frustration of not being able to implement the methods they learn often leads traders to experience misplaced feelings of self-blame.

Those who survive this game understand that trading is not about the frequency of trades, nor is it about maximizing your leverage. Rather, it’s about choosing a method that takes into account what most traders don’t even consider—in other words, having an EDGE. Think about all the systems out there you’ve been exposed to. How many truly give you an edge?

Some traders cannot distinguish between bad methods and bad market conditions, and this is where they get nervous. So they exit the market and switch to an entirely different method, just to repeat the same unproductive cycle all over again.

How Does Hidden TimeFrames Stop the Cycle of Defeat – and Make You a Smarter Trader?

Hidden TimeFrames features , a select group of indicators that we believe covers all the areas critical to establishing a complete foundation for effective trading. This is why, in our opinion, these are some of the most valuable tools you can use to make the most of your analysis. Our indicators give you deep insights as to the forces behind the moves that create volatility in the futures market.

The Indicators include:

Context: This one requires you to stop looking at just numbers and instead consider the “big picture.” It’s about value—not just price. Consider support/resistance, trends in multiple time frames, and whether the large players are accumulating net long or short positions. This will give you an advantage over traders who only consider price and conventional lagging indicators to determine price direction.

Trading patterns: The Indicators contain propriety patterns based on an easy-to-understand ratio analysis that could potentially determine—with great accuracy—whether the market is going higher or lower.

Order flow: This indicator allows you to “look inside” a trade. You’ll gain insight into price and volume and know whether rapid reversals could occur in an instant.

Positions management: This one helps you determine if you should stay in the market or abandon positions. No longer will you rely on “hope,” as you have in the past. Rather, you will be able to evaluate objectively whether you should stay or go—even if the position is temporarily against you.

With Hidden TimeFrames, you get a comprehensive indicators package that covers all the elements you need to become a consistently profitable trader.  We urge all our potential customers to do their due diligence and compare our trade package with what is available in the market today. Based on our experience, we feel that our product includes the most comprehensive collection of trading tools that you will need to assist you in your trading.


The Science Behind the Indicators

We’ve invested thousands of hours into the programming of our indicators. These indicators are objective, free of emotion, and only follow the precise logic that was written into them.

This is in stark contrast to humans, who are tainted with doubt, fear, and greed factors that can skew their judgment. We tend to react emotionally to price action and market volatility. Control is hard for you as a trader to achieve, but with a “thinking machine” to assist you, you could become a little more calculated and substantially less reactive.

Each one of our indicators and strategies is comprised of a well-conceived code. The code has been tested for stability, practicality, and execution within live market conditions. The use of these types of indicators is more effective in depicting market action as traditional indicators like moving averages lag due to mathematical computation.

Spy on the “Big Players” Before You Make Your Move

When a professional looks at a chart with the right tools, they can see where other players have placed their orders—at what prices—and who was buying and who was selling. They can often decipher what small players are doing and what big players are doing and align themselves with the “big money” to their favor.

With Hidden TimeFrames, you’re able to see the market through this unique lens. View all the support and resistance areas on your chart—based on real orders in the market. From there, you can make informed, intelligent decisions since you’ll clearly understand what happens to price at those levels.

Essentially, Hidden TimeFrames teaches you how to read the market like an unfolding story—and know what’s likely to occur in the future based on actual market structure. From there, it’s a matter of taking action. And your every move will have conviction, because your position will be based on facts—not on unreliable indicators that are, by their very nature, lagging.

Your “Launch Pad” for Becoming a Confident, Independent Trader

Many traders want to imitate successful traders with the hope of achieving the same result. But let’s face it: it’s very hard to capture someone else’s way of thinking, risk tolerance, and interpretation of the markets.

Hidden TimeFrames’s objective is to provide the building blocks and foundation that will allow you to become a thriving trader in your own right.

The #1 goal here is to help you break the cycle of imitation and develop your own plan according to the way you want to trade.

What’s more, we want to educate you about higher-probability trades—to put an end to the notion that every trade has the same probability as another. This is simply not the case, and our indicators will potentially allow you to reduce your frequency of trading, become discriminatory, and be able to rank trades far more intelligently.

Look, we know this probably isn’t your first attempt to learn the futures markets. And if you’re skeptical of yet “another promise,” rest assured that once you understand the quality of our product and the research that went into its development, you’ll realize this is a unique chance to learn an innovative, interpretive way of thinking about the markets—one that will give you a powerful advantage over your trading peers.

We guarantee that the Indicators offered by Hidden TimerRames will become your go-to mentorship tools, and in our opinion, these are the only tools that you need to trade more effectively.

Get Expert Support, Every Step of the Way

Any trading methodology you purchase is worthless if you haven’t been trained on it. You can’t afford misinterpretations as a professional or as a beginner—because that means you’re simply not applying things correctly.

With the Hidden TimeFrames system, you get in-depth support through our once–a–week webinars which gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have. We encourage you to take advantage of the supplemental videos, webinars, emails, etc. that you’ll receive regularly with your site membership.

Hidden TimeFrames support involves a discussion of our methods only, and does not expand to other methodologies. However, general market questions are more than welcome. We hope to make Hidden TimeFrames a transformative experience that forever changes the way you look at the markets, interpret the markets, and place your trades.